Information Management Systems


 Oversight of IT projects is often a time-consuming and complicated effort. IT managers are constantly shifting resources dedicated to projects. This affects simple tasks such as increasing storage capacity for a service and complex programs such as rolling out a new HR application. It is in these that Privateer can help your organization implement oversight and controls that enable the IT managers to concentrate on their responsibilities and not the day to day. 

  Privateer has extensive experience utilizing Project Portfolio Management methods to measure an organizations available resources such as time, manpower and money, against projects. We strive to provide automated tools and processes that will enable your organization to anticipate labor shortages and evaluate IT projects for effectiveness.  


  As a solution integrator, Privateer offers an agnostic approach to IT Hardware and Software. While we enjoy preferred relationships with many manufacturers, we are always mindful of the core requirements of our customers. This enables us to provide honest consultation and provisioning of products that are designed to meet the needs of our clients.

 The result is a low-overhead, efficient and responsive team that is focused on delivering customer service during all phases of the sale and product delivery. We will deliver what we promise and that is what causes our clients to return over and over again. Privateer has access to the largest distributors and contracts around the world.